Human response to coronaviruses

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STEP 1: Prepare data

For proteins/genes from differential analysis, please prepare the data in a csv file according to the base format shown below.

HGNC symbol Official HGNC gene symbol
UniProt accession Protein identifier from UniProt
Site Protein modification site, if available
UniProt entry name Protein name from UniProt
log2fc Calculated as log2(infection / mock)
P value P value from differential analysis
FDR Adjusted p value, if available
h.p.i Hour post infection
Sample Cell line, tissue, etc.
Reference PMID, doi, or data identifier

For protein-protein interactions, please refer to the following base format to prepare the data in a csv file.

Bait proteinVirus protein identifier
Bait geneVirus gene identifier, if available
GenomeVirus genome assembly to annotate the gene or protein
Prey proteinUniProt accession of human protein
SampleCell line, tissue, etc.
ReferencePMID, doi, or data identifier

STEP 2: Upload data (≤ 100Mb)

To help us process your data quickly, please strictly follow the above rules when preparing your data.

If you need to upload > 1 files, please click Clear first and then repeat the upload process.

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