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Please prepare your data as a text-like file, such as txt or csv. In the file, each item takes a line, with feature fields of the item separated by TAB or COMMA. Please remind to provide a header in the file so that we can understand what those fields mean. If you'd like to be recognized, please provide a comment line and write your name and personal homepage there, so we can put you on the contributor list and all FerrDb users can see your contribution.

For simplicity and uniformity, example headers for different data types are provided as following for your reference.


Type Symbol Name HGNC ID Evidence Test in Pathway Confidence Experiments Caution Protein encoded UniProtKB PMID Remark Date
Driver, Suppressor, or Marker Official HGNC symbol Full name of the gene HGNC ID Experimental supports for the gene function Organism Pathway showing how the gene regulates ferroptosis One of Validated, Screened, Predicted, Deduced Always 0 Critical information that determines data quality Full protein name UniProtKB accession number PubMed ID Auxiliary message such as gene synonyms Date of last update


Type Molecule Name PubChem CID PMID Date
Inducer or Inhibitor Abbreviation Full name PubMed compound ID PubMed ID Date of last update


Effect Test in PMID Date
Ferroptosis :+: or :-: Disease Organism PubMed ID Date of last update

STEP 2: Upload data (≤ 10Mb)

To help us process your data quickly, please strictly follow the above rules when preparing your data.

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